Terms of Service.

Terms of Service.

Terms of Service.

Terms of Service.

Terms of Service.

These terms and conditions are here to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works. Please read carefully!

These terms and conditions are here to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works. Please read carefully!

These terms and conditions are here to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works. Please read carefully!

These terms and conditions are here to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works. Please read carefully!

These terms and conditions are here to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works. Please read carefully!


Welcome to the website https://idol-company.com/  (referenced: "the website") which is owned by Idol Virtual Talents Ltd., Company Number 516480092 (referenced: "website operator" or "the company") at the address of HaPalmach 11 street, Kfar Yona, Israel.

The use of the website is due to these terms and conditions. It is the user responsibility to read these terms and conditions carefully, as using the website indicates the user agreement to all of the terms and conditions that listed below. Also, using the website will confirm the user have red and accepted those terms, and that he and / or those on his behalf will not have any claim against the website operator or the company. The use of the website and its contents can be used as they are in accordance with the decisions of the website operator. The use of the content displayed on the site and in the various products offered by the company will be made at the user's sole responsibility.


Purpose: The purpose of these terms and conditions is to create clear guidelines that allow the creation of derivative works by fans and / or users of the site.

Derived Work

The definition of a derived work: A derived work will consider as a work made by a fan and / or user of the site, based on original content created by the company and / or someone on its behalf. A musical derivative work will be considered a remix, cover version or adaptation of original musical content created by the company and / or anyone on its behalf.

A derivative work that complies with these conditions does not require a prior approval of the company for its making, and the company declares that it will not exercise its copyright regarding to a work that the company will see as a derivative work that complies with these guidelines.

Use of derivative works

  1. The company's use of derived works published: The company keeps it rights to use derivative works that have been created by fans and / or users for marketing and self-promotion purposes, on a variety of different platforms such as social networks, sites for watching and streaming video and music, combining musical derivative works in playlists distributed by the company through these platforms and so on.

  2. The use of fans and / or users of derivative works created: The company allows the creators of the derivative works to use them, among other things, for profit, and will not interfere with the use of affiliate programs, or creator programs on sharing sites, or any advertising revenue accrued from them. All this if the original works in which the copyright belongs to the company and / or anyone on its behalf will not be used. In addition, the registration of a derivative musical work with a content ID and / or any content identification and copyright enforcement system relevant to the matter, as a work owned by the fan and / or the user who created the work, is prohibited.

  3. The company permits the creation of derivative works by fans and users as a hobby, but prohibits the commercialization of these works. This means that the use of the company's intellectual property in commercial products, such as merchandise or mass-produced items, is not allowed without prior permission or a licensing agreement with the company. The company reserves the right to take legal action against any unauthorized commercial use of its intellectual property.

Content that will not be considered a derivative work:

  1. Use of our content as is, and in the absence of the use of minimal creative elements, will not be classified as a derivative work and does not fall within the scope of these guidelines.

  2. Works that may be interpreted as inappropriate and / or offensive, works that contradict morality and / or public order, or works that deal with content that includes topics such as ideology, faith, religion, and politics should be avoided.

  3. The creation of works that may impersonate official content, the presentation of works that are falsely presented as official while they are not, or the presentation of content that may even be misinterpreted as official, is prohibited.

  4. All applicable laws and regulations, including the terms and conditions of all relevant platforms on which the content will be displayed and / or broadcast, must be complied with.

  5. The creation of content that may harm the image and / or reputation of the company, and / or its talents, and / or that harms the image of a third party or violates its rights must be avoided.

  6. Content that may be considered inappropriate by the Company will not be considered a derivative work under these Terms.

  7. Any content that is intended for commercial purposes or is related to merchandise will not be deemed as a derivative work.

  8. Any AI-generated content trained with voices of our talents, without explicit written permission, is prohibited and not considered a derivative work.

Fan Communities

Fan communities associated with idol are subject to our guidelines and values. Failure to provide a safe environment for fans and followers may result in enforcement action against the community.

These guidelines apply to public communities with over 500 users, but in extreme cases, idol reserves the right to take action against smaller communities if they violate our general terms of service.

  1. To ensure compliance, Idol fan communities must submit their community rules for approval through the contact form, and disclose the identity of the founders of the community to the company. The founders will be the sole responsible party to maintain these guidelines and ensure compliance.

  2. Communities must not impose punishment or ban members without a valid reason, and must provide evidence and explanation upon request by our company.

  3. Communities must not engage in any form of harassment, discrimination, hate speech, or abusive behaviour towards any community member, talent or idol affiliates.

  4. Communities must respect the privacy of their members, idol talents and idol affiliates and must not share personal information without their consent.

  5. Communities must not impersonate or falsely claim to represent idol or any of its affiliates.

  6. Communities must comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to those related to intellectual property, privacy, and online conduct.

  7. Communities must clearly identify themselves as fan communities and provide a link to the official counterpart in a place that can be easily seen by all users.

  8. Communities understand that it is their responsibility to maintain a safe environment for their users.

  9. Communities acknowledge that idol reserves the right to modify or update these guidelines at any time, and that it is their responsibility to keep up to date with any changes.

  10. idol reserves the right to monitor, and moderate communities that violate these guidelines or idol other terms of service. Repeated violations of these guidelines may result in the submission of takedown requests or legal action against the community or user account.


The company wishes to express its gratitude towards individuals who extend their generosity through tips to support the passion and talents of our company members. However, we respectfully request that the tipping system not be utilized to convey any messages that are inappropriate, abusive, or offensive in nature. This includes, but is not limited to, tips that might make our talents feel uncomfortable, such as sexually explicit comments or requests. Moreover, any form of impersonation while tipping is strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with these guidelines may result in revocation of access to the tipping system.

AI Voice Models & Talent Voices

  1. Without the explicit written permission, no user, entity, or third party is permitted to train or use AI voice models using voices of talents associated with idol.

  2. This prohibition extends to any content previously created with the assistance of AI voice models trained on our talents' voices without authorization. Any content, old or new, found to be in violation of this clause will be deemed unauthorized.

  3. Even with granted permission, the abuse of such AI voice models to create content that is offensive, misleading, or in violation of any other idol policies is strictly not permitted.


  1. These Terms and Conditions do not waive the copyright of the Company and / or its related rights through these guidelines, and the guidelines do not infringe on them.

  2. The company do not commit to use its works and / or related derivative works or to perform actions if they may infringe the rights of a third party.

  3. The Company will not be responsible if the use, execution, or transmission of a derivative work based on an original work of the company, will cause a dispute with a third party.

  4. These terms and conditions are subject to change without any notice, and the user is responsible for ensuring that he is up to date with the latest version available to these Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy and Data Management

The company respects the privacy of users when using its services and sees great importance in maintaining it. This privacy statement sets out the information collected about you and the uses of that information.

  1. All data that will be provided by the user in connection with the use of the website and / or related services, are provided voluntarily and with consent and without any legal obligation to provide them.

  2. The company keeps the right to collect any information that the user provides and / or produces when using the company's products, including the types of devices from which the company's products are used.

  3. It is known to the user and the user agrees that there will be use of the information for the purpose of improving the products offered, as well as for the purpose of contacting the user and / or for the purpose of direct or automatic marketing.

  4. All information provided by the user and / or information received as part of the services and / or following the use of the Company's products, will be kept confidential in accordance with the Israeli Protection of Privacy Law, 1983.

  5. The company uses the information available to it to improve the products it offers its users and to customize features and content for them, as well as marketing offers that may interest the user based on his interests.

  6. The company uses various technologies based mainly on "cookies", for the purpose of collecting or receiving information, and for displaying and making targeted information accessible to the user in accordance with his personal details. Cookies originating from third parties, including advertising and / or statistics services, may be used. The user can manage and block the use of cookies depending on the browser settings from which the use is made.

  7. Change of ownership - In case of a change of ownership / control of the company's products, in whole or in part, or in the managed assets, the company keeps the right to transfer all the information stored to the new owners.

Legal Proceedings

  1. These terms of use and any other agreement created by the company related to the use of the site, will be subject to the laws of the State of Israel only.

  2. All disputes between the parties to this agreement that arise in connection with the terms and conditions and / or its implementation will be clarified before the competent court in the Tel Aviv district and in this district only.

  3. The user agrees to indemnify and compensate the company, its employees, directors, shareholders, or anyone acting on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them, including attorney's fees and legal expenses, due to violation of these terms of use.

Approval of the terms of use

The user confirms that he has read this terms and conditions of use carefully, and if necessary, consulted with professionals regarding their acceptance, that they are clear to him and that he accepts all what is stated in them, and that he will not have any claims to the company in connection with them.

The company staff wishes you a pleasant browsing!

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